Inventory Cost Management: How SSC helps reduce your recurring steel piping costs

At SAI STEEL CORP, quality customer service isn’t something that ends when the order is received. It is a daily process that involves a commitment to enhancing the customer experience, which means offering inventory cost-reducing services at every opportunity.

Our sales staff prides itself on strengthening and streamlining a customer’s steel pipe supply chain through careful order analysis. Working together with our clients and using previous orders as a guide, SSC saves them time, labor, and money in a variety of ways.

Reducing excess inventory

Nothing is more frustrating to a customer looking to cut costs than ordering more stock than they need. Sitting unused in a warehouse, it provides a constant reminder of the wasteful spending that company can’t afford.

Once SSC gets a handle on what a customer orders and how often, we can work to reduce supply replenishment lead-time through forecasting your needs and scheduling orders appropriately. We want our clients to have exactly what they need delivered just as they need it, without wasting a penny on the storing of pipe they either don’t need or won’t use for some time to come.

Ready for work at the moment of delivery

Time is money, and that’s never more true than when there’s a job that needs completing. The time a company spends preparing steel pipe for the job it’s meant to do can be a drain, slowing productivity and raising project costs.

SAI STEEL CORP knows that every pipe has a specific task in mind for it, so we provide the first-level processing services needed to make sure that the product we deliver is ready for work the moment it reaches a customer’s facility. By cutting to the required length and performing processes before it’s delivered, clients save time and money.

Even unique or infrequent specialty orders are no problem

Some of our customers only require certain kinds of pipe every once in a while throughout the year as it’s needed. Just because they don’t order it often, however, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be ready for them at a moment’s notice. That's why our customers rely on SSC to help.

SAI STEEL CORP makes certain that every type of pipe our customers need, even if it’s a unique size they order infrequently, is available.

Focused on saving customers time, labor, and money

Inventory cost reduction is one of the best ways for any company to achieve more growth and profitability. At SAI STEEL CORP, we feel that by helping our customers reach their goals through cost-reducing services, we’re doing our part in creating a better industry as a whole. If your business is currently in the market for a steel pipe supplier that will work with you to keep inventory costs down, contact SAI STEEL CORP today